Electrical Products

Low Voltage Electrical Distribution

Control Circuit and Load Protection
Circuit Breakers
Fuse Holders
Miniature Circuit Breakers

Electrical Motor Control, IEC

Control and Load Switches
Enclosed Starters
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Motor Circuit Protectors
Mounting System and Starters
Open Starters
Overload Relays
Rotary Disconnect Switches
Motor Control, NEMA
Combination Contactors, Starters, and
Pump Control panels
Contactors, Starters, and,
Fuse Blocks
Manual Motor Starters
Plastic Enclosures

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed, AC
Variable Speed, DC
Drive Communications and Accessories
Drives Software
Medium Voltage
Servo Drives
Servo Motors

Motor Protection

Current, Phrase, Thermistorm, and Motor
Rotation Monitoring Relays
Ground Fault Detection
Motor Winding Heaters


Plant Automation 1/0

Programmable Logic Controllers
Chassis Based
On-Machine, Distributed
Industrial Computers and Monitors
Industrial Monitors
Integrated Display Computers
Workstation Condition Monitoring